Shaping our cities: the planning strategy for the Greater Metropolitan Region of Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong and the Central Coast

'Shaping our Cities' (1998) was the NSW Government's plan to address economic and population growth in the Greater Metropolitan Region.

State environmental planning policy (vegetation) - explanation of intended effect

Explains the context and objectives of a proposed policy to control clearance of native trees and plants in urban areas of NSW.

Research into Intensive Supervision program

The New South Wales Department of Juvenile Justice (JJNSW) has piloted the Intensive Supervision Program (ISP) in Werrington and Newcastle. The program adheres to the international evidence-based Multisystemic Therapy (MST) approach. The ISP targets chronic juvenile offenders and seeks to empower caregivers to enhance parenting...
Literature review

Evidence check: community impact of liquor licenses

This Evidence Check review examines the association between alcohol availability, alcohol consumption and harms by reviewing evidence from 191 studies over the last decade, and focusing on the density of alcohol outlets and permissible trading hours. Findings include high-quality, locally relevant evidence that alcohol outlet...
Journal article

Impacts of changes to trading hours of liquor licences on alcohol-related harm: a systematic review 2005–2015

Legislative limits on trading hours for licensed premises have a long history in Australia as a key policy approach to managing alcohol-related problems. In recent years, following substantial extensions to permitted hours of sale, there has been renewed attention to policies aimed at reducing late-night...

Investing in Australian cities: the legacy of the Better Cities Program

The Federal Government’s Better Cities Program (BCP) of the early 1990s is credited with providing the financial stimulus that facilitated the nation’s long term economic growth. This $814m package was invested in 26 strategic projects around the country. In each case, this Federal investment was...
Conference paper

Selling Newcastle to the World, or to Newcastle? A case study of the official and unofficial rebranding of Newcastle, NSW

Accompanying Newcastle's economic, social and physical changes have been various attempts to reshape Newcastle’s image, to overcome the city’s lingering association with crisis and decay. This paper provides a case study of two key players in this process, the official Brand Newcastle rebranding campaign and...
Briefing paper

Newcastle and Lake Macquarie labour force trends

This e-brief, which is part of a series relating to all NSW regions, sets out key labour force trends for the residents of the Newcastle & Lake Macquarie region. Data has been sourced from the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ (ABS) monthly Labour Force Survey. The...