18 Oct 2018

The QoWL Quality of Working Life Survey was sent in June 2018 to 2160 Victorian Bar Practicing Certificate holders and 856 valid responses were returned (40%).

Journal article

6 Sep 2018

Understanding pre-service teachers’ capacity to prevent and manage student bullying behaviours is critical for ensuring a smooth transition into early career teaching and the success of schools’ anti-bullying initiatives.


24 Jul 2018

This inquiry was established in May 2017, to examine the policy response to bullying, harassment and discrimination in certain emergency service agencies.

Working paper

11 Jul 2018

This paper develops a global indicator on bullying amongst children using existing school-based surveys from around the world. The findings of this paper show that bullying is a complex phenomenon that takes multiple forms, and is experienced to widely varying degrees across the world.


28 Mar 2018

This report recommends that the Australian government consult state and territory governments, non-government organisations and other relevant stakeholders, to develop and publicise a clear definition of cyberbullying that recognises the breadth and complexity of the issue.


1 Mar 2018

This report contains the results of the economic analysis of the cost of bullying in schools in Australia. It describes the approach to complete the analysis, presents the results, and identifies the limitations.


1 Mar 2018

This research arose out of a meeting of Western Sydney University’s (Western) ALLY network, where anecdotal concerns were voiced about the environmental conditions encountered by sexuality and gender diverse (SGD) students and staff.

Draft report

26 Feb 2018

This draft code is part of a comprehensive package of measures strongly supported by LPA’s Executive Council to deal with discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and bullying in the workplace.


31 Jan 2018

This project, funded by a SafeWork SA Commissioned Research Grant (CRG), is innovative in creating an evidence-based practical tool to assess the risk of workplace bullying before it occurs.


1 Nov 2017

This report uses the most current data to shed light on four specific forms of violence: violent discipline and exposure to domestic abuse during early childhood; violence at school; violent deaths among adolescents; and sexual violence in childhood and adolescence.

Case study

18 May 2017

These case studies demonstrate that while workplace bullying can come in many different forms, there are a number of common approaches that have been successfully employed to help turn the tide on bullying in the workplace and improve workplace cultures.


23 Nov 2016

Bullying was measured using both a widely accepted international definition and the Australian definition used by Safe Work Australia. The prevalence rates using the international and the Australian definitions were similar: 9.7 per cent and 9.4 per cent of Australian workers respectively reported they had...


2 Sep 2016

Executive summary

The Taskforce was established on 26 November 2012 to assist complainants who had suffered sexual abuse, physical abuse, sexual harassment and workplace harassment and bullying in Defence prior to 11 April 2011. Ministers have recently extended the operation of the Taskforce...


22 Aug 2016


On 22 August 2016, AFP Commissioner Andrew Colvin released this report, following an independent review of the organisation by former Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Elizabeth Broderick.

The report followed extensive consultation with more than 1,000 AFP members over the past six months....


23 Mar 2016


This audit examined the effectiveness of the health sector in preventing and responding to inappropriate behaviour including bullying and harassment.

Inappropriate behaviour including bullying and harassment have significant consequences—for individuals, patients and health sector agencies. This audit focused on the effectiveness...

Briefing paper

16 Mar 2016

The Internet, mobile phones, and other technological innovations have become entrenched in Australian life. These technologies create far-reaching benefits for youth. Nevertheless, these technologies have also introduced a tranche of online bullying behaviours known as cyberbullying, adding to the longstanding challenges associated with traditional school...


3 Mar 2016

Executive Summary

The report examines the prevalence and effectiveness of anti-bullying policies being used in a convenience sample of Australian government schools in six state or territory educational jurisdictions. It has drawn upon the perceptions and experiences of a range of stakeholders, that...


25 Jan 2016

The TLRI has released Final Report No 22, Bullying . The Report considers what role the law should play in responding to all types of bullying behaviours, including cyber-bullying, and questions whether the current legal regime in Tasmania can provide appropriate redress for victims. The...


Asia-Pacific report on school bullying, violence and discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity
20 Jan 2016

Executive summary

Education is a fundamental human right and essential for the exercise of all other human rights. Governments of Asia and the Pacific have, by and large, signed on to international legal obligations that promote and develop the right of every person...


15 Nov 2015

This report details the findings from a nationwide survey of sexuality and gender diverse Australian secondary school students, entitled the Free2Be? project. The name, while also intended to be catchy and easy for young people to remember, was designed to address the fundamental project questions...



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