Policy report

23 Nov 2018

In November 2018, the Australian Academy of Science outlined 10 science priorities for the 2019 federal election in a policy platform document and summary.

Earning Our Future: the platform of the Australian Academy of Science recommends that the mutual obligations of scientists and government...

Fact sheet

2 Nov 2018

Influencing policy making can be more a matter of influencing outside organisations than influencing the government.

How do we define policy and policy makers? Political scientists have debated this question, which can be quite complicated. Thomas Dye gave the most commonly assumed definition of...


15 Oct 2018

This report details New Zealand's strengths and weaknesses across a range of topics including people, skills, funding and knowledge production, in comparison with other similar small economies and Australia.


A guide from Nesta’s Inclusive Innovation team
30 Aug 2018

This guide draws on the observations and learnings of Nesta's Inclusive Innovation team, exploring why public involvement is essential and sharing seven key principles that could form the basis of a new model of public engagement in decision-making about research, technology and innovation.

Journal article

31 May 2018

This editorial discusses the current aims and future scope of the journal, as well as the WikiJournal format in general.

Journal article

3 Apr 2018

Competitive pressure to maximize the current bibliometric measures of productivity is jeopardizing the integrity of the scientific literature. Efforts are underway to address the ‘reproducibility crisis’ by encouraging the use of more rigorous, confirmatory methods. However, as long as productivity continues to be defined by...


A plan for Australia to thrive in the global innovation race
30 Jan 2018

This strategy document aims to contribute to the wellbeing and prosperity of all Australians by strengthening Australia's innovation performance to become a leading innovation nation.


27 Sep 2017

This audit assessed the effectiveness of the design process and monitoring arrangements for the National Innovation and Science Agenda by the relevant entities.


7 Sep 2017

This review, commissioned after equipment at two locations (Thredbo and Goulburn) failed to record the temperature when it dropped below -10.4 degrees Celsius in July 2017, found that the site hardware was unsuitable at very low temperatures.


7 Sep 2017

The bulk of climate research has tended to underplay the risk of lower-probability, higher impact events. However, if climate policymaking is to be soundly based, a reframing of scientific research within an existential risk-management framework is now urgently required.


3 Aug 2017

This report characterises Australia’s current climate science capability and identifies how well the climate science sector is positioned to meet current and future demands for weather and climate knowledge.


Version 2 July 2017
31 Jul 2017

The booklet supports the objectives of the National Innovation and Science Agenda's 'Global Innovation Strategy' by encouraging Australian researchers and businesses to collaborate with international counterparts and leverage opportunities and expertise to gain access to global markets.


31 May 2017

This report provides an analysis of Open Data and Open Science policies across Europe.

Journal article

26 Apr 2017

Science panels still rely on poor proxies to judge quality and impact. The authors of this article argue that this results in risk-averse research.

Journal article

1 Apr 2017

This study addresses the heat thermal energy storage (LHTES) unit, heat is stored via a phase change material (PCM) which can then be supplied at a later time to the heat transfer fluid (HTF) for applications such as concentrated solar power (CSP).


31 Jan 2017

Innovation and Science Australia has released the Performance Review of the Australian Innovation, Science and Research System 2016.

The review examines the system's strengths and weaknesses and establishes a performance scorecard for tracking progress into the future.

Whilst Australia enjoys an enviable level...


13 Jan 2017

If you visit the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) exhibition, now at the Queensland Museum, you’ll see the recreation of a moment when the scientist who saw the first results indicating discovery of the Higgs boson laments she can’t yet tell anyone.

It’s a transitory...

Journal article

10 Jan 2017

Inherently conducting polymers (ICPs) combine the electrical properties of metals and semiconductors with a polymer’s ability to flex and/or stretch. In general, polymers are relatively simple to synthesise, however, ICPs themselves have had limited uptake in consumer devices. This lack of uptake is in part...


5 Dec 2016

The roadmap sets out Australia’s national research infrastructure priority areas for the coming decade. These priorities will support areas of research, science and innovation in areas where Australia excels, can deliver the greatest long-term national benefit and foster strategic international partnerships.

The recommendations and...


1 Dec 2016

This report highlights some of the New Zealand science and innovation system’s impacts, strengths and weaknesses and how the system is changing over time.



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