Developing countries


9 Sep 2019

Forces disrupting markets and changing the nature of work present a fundamental challenge to prevailing employment-based risk-sharing policies in countries at all levels of development. This publication proposes a package of protections, labor benefits, and services that are more relevant to the diverse and diversifying...


Scoping review
5 Sep 2019

This review aims to assist researchers and project teams in early childhood education and care (ECEC) to draw on the available evidence when planning interventions. It also aims to set evidence-based suggestions for future research on ECEC interventions in these contexts.


Value creation and capture: implications for developing countries
4 Sep 2019

This year's report examines the scope for value creation and capture in the digital economy by developing countries. It gives special attention to opportunities for these countries to take advantage of the data-driven economy as producers and innovators – but also to the constraints they...

Briefing paper

4 Jul 2019

Studying the movement of households into and out of extreme poverty in 11 countries in sub-Saharan Africa and South and Southeast Asia reveals important nuances to the mainstream growth and poverty reduction narrative.


Insights from Africa, Asia and Latin America
2 Jun 2019

This guide shares tips for communicating climate change effectively. It is intended for communications practitioners and other champions of climate action working in developing countries. If you have ever tried to explain to colleagues, policy-makers, or the broader public how the climate is changing, how...


30 May 2019

This report sets out a number of practical considerations for governments, industry, and civil society to consider as they work to embrace technology in a way that will drive the greatest gains in inclusivity, human well-being, and more equitable growth.


22 May 2019

Developing economies will struggle to grow sustainably without significant investment in recycling, reusing and repairing used raw materials and products. This paper looks at opportunities to coordinate regional trade policies and investment programmes to rapidly scale up the circular economy in the developing world.


14 May 2019

This report looks at the health impact of plastic pollution and rubbish on the world’s poorest people.


13 May 2019

This survey report finds that exposure to false or incorrect information is a key concern for people in eleven emerging economies, with many social media users reporting being regularly exposed to misinformation when using online platforms.


30 Apr 2019

This report finds that the concept of “soft power” is an overrated explanation for Chinese influence in the Pacific Islands. The buzzword often disguises more than it reveals about Chinese influence in Australia’s nearest region.


17 Apr 2019

With an estimated SDG financing gap of $2.5 trillion a year in developing countries alone, the international development community is placing an increasing emphasis on blended finance. This report aims to provide hard evidence to inform the discussion on the role of blended finance in...


12 Apr 2019

Conventional, top-down and governance-focused anti-corruption efforts have had limited success in the fight against corruption in developing countries, argues this report. It considers how to develop and strengthen incentive-driven and high-impact anti-corruption initiatives.


10 Apr 2019

This report reviews investment in human capital and spending on health and education by both government and donors in all of the 82 poorest countries. It finds that the allocation of funds often does not match the distribution of poverty within countries, and data on...


8 Apr 2019

This report looks systematically at the impact on development financing of countries’ transition from low- to middle-income status. It includes eight case studies: Egypt, Ghana, the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Nigeria, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.


8 Apr 2019

This report considers the approaches taken by development partners when transitioning and exiting from bilateral aid programs. It features case studies of Australia, Denmark, the European Union, France, Germany, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States.


24 Jan 2019

This report showcases global priority needs for women, girls and young people affected by crisis. It also highlights the Population Fund's 2018 achievements and its priorities in humanitarian work.

Journal article

15 Jan 2019

China's outbound investment exceeded inbound investment for the first time in 2015. In years leading up this transition, a maturing demographic transition alongside slowing internal migration and diminishing returns to physical capital investment, all had a role in China's diminished competitiveness in low‐wage manufactured exports...


11 Jan 2019

This paper reports on an action learning project undertaken by the Sexual Rights in Development Community of Practice in recognition of the challenges and possibilities that this acknowledgment might present for ACFID members.

Working paper

11 Jan 2019

The purpose of this working paper is to provide insight into the complexity of urbanisation and present key entry points for its better management. The paper argues that an integrated programming or a ‘systems’ approach to urban development assistance in Asia and the Pacific is...


21 Nov 2018

This report explores how people in developing countries are actually using digital services. The report highlights how digital exclusion can exacerbate existing inequalities and how countries can ensure marginalised people, including women and those without education, are not left further behind.



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