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7 Mar 2019

This guide was written for Oxfam staff. However, it is useful for anyone interested in learning more about how to apply feminist principles and practices to campaigning, policy, advocacy and influencing.


12 Oct 2018

Speakers: Chris Benedict, Gina Bocra - LEED AP, Priscilla Richards

The Energy Code is an increasingly robust tool for improving energy efficiency in our buildings. This session will examine how far the existing code has come and identify the remaining barriers and limits. Speakers...


20 Jun 2018

Members of Parliament regularly receive requests directly or through their electorate offices about funding opportunities for community groups. This Issues Backgrounder is designed to assist in responding to these requests.

Working paper

Working Paper No. 3
1 Feb 2018

The importance of the work carried out by local communities across the globe in coastal resources and fisheries management cannot be underestimated - and communities in the Pacific islands are no exception.

Journal article

22 Sep 2017

Urban living labs have emerged as transition arenas for undertaking process-oriented and reflexive experiments in the multi-stakeholder governance of sustainability. This paper evaluates Livewell Yarra, an urban living lab in Melbourne, Australia, that brought together academic researchers and community actors to engage in experiments for...


Small-scale community solar guide
19 Sep 2017

The Small-scale community solar guide sets out models of community solar that "work in the current context". This 1 hour webinar explores two of the case studies found in the Guide - CORENA and Bendigo Sustainability Group.


28 Jul 2017

This research study, drawing on the views of more than 1200 grantseekers, reveals a huge amount of effort is being wasted on abandoned grant applications, large organisations are increasingly scooping up the small grants too, and pressure is building on local government to shell out...


5 Jun 2017

This report argues that Australian governments must act now to safeguard and encourage vibrant debate on matters of public interest.

Working paper

1 Jun 2017

This study explores a new approach to community involvement in planning that responds to contemporary critiques of participatory planning.We conclude the report by providing an alternate pathway that might create more meaningful community participation in the planning and development of the city.


30 Dec 2016

Executive summary

Since the mid-2000s, Australian housing policy-makers have taken an interest in the transfer of public housing to community housing providers (CHPs), partly as a means of transforming a social housing system dominated by financially unsustainable public housing into a vibrant affordable...


9 Jun 2016

The FECCA New and Emerging Community Organisation Tool-Kit provides information on how to set up, manage, gain funding for and sustain a not-for-profit community organisation in Australia.

The toolkit has a number of sections which contain information on the regulatory requirements, hints and tips,...

Audio interview

22 Apr 2016

As the Turnbull Government promises $127 million to Australia's corporate regulator ASIC, a community legal service working at the coalface of consumer problems with the insurance sector is facing the prospect of closure.

The Financial Rights Legal Centre says its national insurance law service...

Journal article

29 Dec 2015

Despite a ubiquitous interest in community energy, a review of the literature reveals a fragmented approach in which the technology elements that need to be considered for the effective existence of community renewable energy networks (CREN) are well understood but the social aspects have not...


12 Jun 2015

Building on the value of Victoria’s community sector goes beyond the sector’s economic contribution. It discusses the value of all Victoria’s community sector organisations, including those operating with registered charitable status and those operating without. The paper also outlines broader aspects of the community...

Literature review

27 May 2015

Many Indigenous organisations in urban, rural and remote areas are successfully managing a broad range of programs and services for their communities. This paper reviews available literature on Indigenous community-managed programs and organisations and summarises what is working in successful community-managed programs. It also considers...

Conference paper

18 Nov 2014

On September 4, 2010, an earthquake struck rural Canterbury and the most deadly of over 2,000 aftershocks devastated the Christchurch Central Business District on February 22, 2011 (Ardagh et al. 2012). Questions have arisen regarding population dynamics (Love 2011), marginalized groups, health and social care,...


11 Jun 2014

This report provides unprecedented detail about the characteristics of not-for-profit community service organisations in NSW, and their experiences of the funding and operational environment. Based on responses from leaders of 576 organisations, survey findings provide insight into the mix of financial resources that organisations access;...


19 Nov 2013

There is little information in Aotearoa New Zealand about how women are represented across the Community and Voluntary Sector (CVS), despite the fact that the sector’s voluntary and paid workforce is heavily dominated by women. The representation of women in leadership and governance roles, and...


Final report stage 1 pilot project 2012-2013
14 Oct 2013

This research has been designed to test, document and apply standard measures for the determination of client outcomes in case managed community care for older people.


27 Aug 2013

Aim: To compare reoffending rates between adults given a community service order (CSO) and those given a bond (both supervised and unsupervised) or suspended sentence (both supervised and unsupervised).

Method: Using propensity score matching, offenders who were given CSOs were matched to...



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