Bowen Basin

Conference paper

16 Feb 2017

Effective road transport networks are essential for sustainability of mining activities as well as the liveability of the mining communities. This paper examines the mining impacts of road travel conditions in the Bowen Basin region, which produces about 83% of Queensland’s total coal product. A...

Conference paper

20 Oct 2015

This paper identifies the strategic issues facing the ongoing development and socio‐economic sustainability of the Bowen Basin region during the characteristic “boom and bust” cycles of mining.


15 Jun 2011

On 7 March 2011, a research team at Queensland University of Technology, led by Professor Kerry Carrington launched a study into the social impact of mining in Queensland. The study surveyed perceptions about how mining projects reliant on a non-resident workforce, are impacting on Queensland...

Conference paper

1 Jan 2010

This paper develops an ‘impact-response-monitoring-evaluation’ (IRME) framework that can be applied to ongoing evaluation and monitoring of social impacts. The framework is applied to coal resource developments in the northern Bowen Basin in Queensland to identify core requirements in a SIMP.



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