13 Jul 2017

There is a lot of economic opportunity for Victorian companies to develop and manufacture new drugs, devices and digital health solutions that will shape the future of healthcare.


20 Feb 2017

Biotechnology firm managers are no strangers to uncertainty. Uncertainty surrounding the potential payoff of an investment is common for most businesses; but biotech firms are also faced with uncertainty regarding the development of an investment. The time a new biotechnology takes to progress through the...


24 Oct 2016

Still relatively young, biotech presents a unique opportunity for governments who invest early and aggressively in this industry to transform their economies. As a future-facing industry, biotech will create high paying jobs in the knowledge and advanced manufacturing sectors. For a country like Australia, with...

Policy report

11 May 2016

Bioenergy is renewable energy generated from biological source materials, and includes electricity, transportation fuels and heating. Source materials are varied types of biomass, including food crops such as corn and sugarcane, non-edible lignocellulosic materials such as agricultural and forestry waste and dedicated crops, and municipal...

Other text

30 Sep 2014

This resource explores the strategies being used in the Australian biotech industry to bring innovative new products to the market in a timely, cost-efficient and safe manner.

Journal article

24 Oct 2004

Within Australia, both State and Federal governments have exhibited support for biotechnology. Agriculture is currently considering whether to embrace new biotechnologies. Sustainable development means that economic growth should be promoted but guided in ways that are both environmentally benign and socially just. Does biotechnology...



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