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Fact Check: Alexander Downer says the private jets ferrying delegates to COP26 would emit more carbon than Scotland does in a year.

As world leaders and delegates flew into Glasgow for the COP26 climate change summit, former foreign minister Alexander Downer claimed their private jets would generate more emissions in 24 hours than Scotland does in a year. Verdict: Mr Downer's claim is nonsense.

Social housing in New South Wales: report 1 - contemporary analysis

This report, commissioned by the St Vincent de Paul Society, examines the commitments of the New South Wales government since 2016 to develop new, social housing dwellings.

The courage to be kind: reflecting on the role of kindness in the healthcare response to COVID-19

This report draws on a series of reflective conversations, conducted between April and September 2020 with five medics working in different parts of NHS Scotland. The conversations reflected on what can be achieved when united by a common purpose, and when work is underpinned by...

What is data poverty?

Most of the UK population is now within reach of fast broadband, 4G or 5G signals, and also have the digital skills to go online. This report focuses on those for whom cost is the main barrier to greater digital participation.

Digital resilience, inclusion & wellbeing for looked after children & young people

This report explores the digital experiences of looked after and accommodated young people in Glasgow, to understand how they are accessing the internet, what they are currently using the internet for and what their needs are from the internet in the place where they live.

Public policy and the infrastructure of kindness in Scotland

Between October 2018 and January 2019, the University of Edinburgh hosted a series of discussions on kindness in policy. Drawing on these conversations, this report seeks to explore what we mean when we talk about kindness, and how the National Performance Framework could help build...

The impact of inequalities in the early years on outcomes over the life course

This report draws together research from international academics and policy-makers on the impact of childhood inequalities on life outcomes across a broad range of topics including education, crime and well-being.

A deposit return scheme for Scotland: full business case stage 1

This Strategy demonstrates how a scheme will contribute to Scotland’s 2025 target to increase the national recycling rate to 70% and to the national litter strategy which aims to effect a wholesale shift in national policy and practice towards prevention.

Food waste reduction action plan

This plan sets out how the Scottish Government, public sector organisations, businesses, industries and consumers can work together to reduce food waste.

A digital world for all?

Not all young people have the basic digital skills needed to prosper in our online world. This report explores the issues of digital exclusion amongst vulnerable young people.

Understanding diversity in the arts survey: summary report

This report provides a summary of the findings of an online survey entitled Understanding Diversity in the Arts. The survey was distributed through Creative Scotland communications channels and generated over 1,500 responses over the month-long period 30 September to 31 October 2016.

Keeping kids in school and out of court: a study of education-youth justice collaboration in the US, Scotland and Denmark

This report presents the findings of a 2015 Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship research project. It discusses cross-system collaborative efforts in the US, Scotland and Denmark to keep young people in school and out of the justice system and puts forward 12 recommendations for improvements...
Literature review

Evidence check: healthcare performance reporting bodies

This Evidence Check review examined organisations that have a key role in healthcare performance measurement and reporting across developed economies. A total of 34 organisations from 12 countries were included in the analysis, with the aim of identifying trends in terms of mandates, functions, structure...

Flipped learning: research report

This small-scale study, undertaken by NFER and NESTA, revealed both benefits and challenges of implementing a flipped learning approach to mathematics teaching. Flipped learning involves the use of digital technology, such as video, to provide direct instruction on new concepts outside of the classroom. Students...
Journal article

Unleashing the power of administrative health data: the Scottish model

Data and information generated through the provision and administration of health and social care provide potentially valuable untapped resources that can contribute to the development of effective and efficient services. We describe the Scottish system, which seeks to unleash, at scale, the power of administrative...

Unlocking potential, embracing ambition: a shared plan for the arts, screen and creative industries 2014-2024

We want Scotland to be a place where the arts, screen and creative industries are valued and recognised, where artists and creative people are flourishing and thriving, and where everyone, everywhere, is interested and curious about creativity. Scotland’s diversity and distinctiveness, reflected in our indigenous...

Secure occupancy in rental housing: conceptual foundations and comparative perspectives

This report is concerned with the nature of housing occupancy for households that rent, particularly low-income and vulnerable households.

Evaluation of the Cultural Pathfinder Programme in Scotland

People who traditionally find it difficult to enjoy and participate in Scotland's cultural and creative life can do so if activities are better planned and co-ordinated at local level.

Nation speaking unto nation: Does the media create cultural distance between England and Scotland?

The United Kingdom is more than just politics and government. An important part of it is made up of the cultural links between its four nations. It is this relationship that the author of this paper seeks to explore, using the media as a lens...