Fact sheet

Fact Check: Rupert Murdoch misleading on North and South Poles

Media magnate Rupert Murdoch claims the North Pole is melting "a bit, but the South Pole is getting bigger".

Eyes wide open: managing the Australia-China Antarctic relationship

The recommendations in the report are designed to maximise the value and mitigate the downside risks of China engagement for Australia's Antarctic and broader national interests.
Working paper

Australia’s Antarctic national air power futures

This paper examines Antarctica today including recent Chinese, Indian and Russian activities in the East Antarctic region that Australia asserts sovereignty over. It also focuses on Australia’s national interests, current air operations and development intentions.

Environmental security in the eastern Indian Ocean, Antarctica and the Southern Ocean: a risk mapping approach

This report arises from an Australia–France–India strategic dialogue held in New Delhi in January 2018. It builds on a French proposal introduced at that meeting. Australian researchers performed the risk mapping for the eastern Indian Ocean. French researchers will produce a risk assessment for the...
Policy report

Australian Antarctic science program governance review

The purpose of this review is to advise on a governance model for the Australian Antarctic Science Program (AASP) as currently administered by the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD).

Maintaining Australia's national interests in Antarctica: Inquiry into Australia's Antarctic Territory

This report’s recommendations provide the Australian government with an opportunity to strengthen its work with respect to Antarctica and build on already impressive foundations.

China’s expanding interests in Antarctica

This paper highlights some of China’s interests and activities in the Australian Antarctic Territory, which include undeclared military activities and mineral exploration.

Australian Antarctic strategy and 20 year action plan

The Australian Antarctic Strategy sets out Australia’s national Antarctic interests and our vision for Australia’s future engagement in Antarctica.

Antarctica: music, sounds and cultural connections

Overview: This is the first book whose subject is the music, sounds and silences of Antarctica. From 2011 until 2014, Australia marked its long-standing connection with Antarctica by celebrating the centenary of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition. The icy continent, with its extremes of climate and...
Blog post

Beidou: China’s new satellite navigation system

On 28 October 2014, just three weeks before Prime Minister Abbott and PRC President Xi Jinping signed an agreement in Hobart promising ‘increased collaboration in Antarctic science’, the Chinese official newsagency Xinhua announced that China would be establishing the first Antarctic base station for its...