Discussion paper

Preparing a Regional Climate Change Adaptation Strategy for Greater Melbourne

Climate projections for Greater Melbourne indicate that temperatures will continue to increase - there will be more frequent and longer heat waves, increased severity and duration of bushfires, worsening air pollution, less frosts and a decline in rainfall. This discussion paper has been released as...

Melbourne 2030: planning for sustainable growth

Released in 2002, Melbourne 2030 - Planning for sustainable growth was the Victorian Government's long term plan for managing Melbourne's growth and development.
Conference paper

SOS – sustaining our suburbs

What does sustainability mean in the context of the Victorian State Government's “Planning for Sustainable Growth” plan and what are the assumptions which underpin the plan? This paper will locate Melbourne 2030 within a much longer and pervasive history of antipathy towards the particular suburban...
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Melbourne in transition: the growth of medium density housing

The debate over the costs and benefits of urban consolidation has perhaps never been more important given the rise in the importance of sustainability principles as a basis of planning, the growth of megacities and development pressure on countrysides.

Whitehorse Integrated Transport Strategy 2011

This strategy document creates a framework to consider the different modes of transport available to the Whitehorse community and provides direction to facilitate travel options and networks that are sustainable, convenient, accessible and safe.

Whitehorse cycling strategy 2016

The Whitehorse Cycling Strategy 2016 has a vision of increasing cycling through a connected network of attractive, safe and inviting low stress streets and paths that are accessible to all and respects the needs of all users.

Canopy tree planting in residential areas

Recommendations within this report aim to implement actions to achieve improvements in the urban climate by improving the canopy cover in the private realm.

Medium density housing review

This review investigates the quality of townhouse and unit development within Moreland and makes recommendations about how it can be improved.

Ending chronic homelessness in Melbourne: outcomes of the Journey to Social Inclusion Phase 2 study - snapshot

Journey to Social Inclusion (J2SI) Phase 2 successfully supported people to exit homelessness through rapid access to housing and supporting people to settle into and sustain their housing. This snapshot report highlights some of the key findings.
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Tracing the 'zombification' of undeveloped estates in greater Melbourne and its outlying regions

The ‘zombie subdivision’ is a phenomenon identified by the Lincoln Institute as ‘once- promising projects’ now ‘distressed’, with the fulfilment of plans or visions for the site effectively stalled. Services such as water, electricity, and roads are often absent in these areas, leaving them partially-...