Midterm Review of the Cook Islands Marine Resources Institutional Strengthening Programme

The goal of the project is to enhance the management and sustainable use of marine resources for the benefit of all Cook Islanders. The purpose of the project is to build the capacity of MMR and related agencies to ensure that Cook Islands marine resources...

Tobacco control in the Pacific: Evaluation of program support Phase 1 (2003 – 2004) and Phase 2 (2005 – 2008)

Tobacco smoking is widespread in the Pacific region. The burden upon health, social and economic elements of the community is likely to be substantial. The environment for action to redress this concern has been provided by the international efforts to establish global commitment to fight...

Evaluation of the Community Initiatives Scheme (CIS), Cook Islands

A Community Initiatives Scheme (CIS) was foreshadowed in the NZODA Cook Islands Country Strategy 2001-2006, which recommended a new flexible, responsive mechanism for supporting civil society be introduced and managed by the New Zealand High Commission in Rarotonga. Its purpose was to provide support to...

Report of the evaluation of the Cook Island medical/health specialist visits scheme

To provide Cook Islanders with access to specialist services not available the Cook Islands, since 1994, the New Zealand Government has funded and initially managed medical specialist visits to the Cook Islands. Between 2004 and 2008, these visits took place under the Medical Specialists Visits...

The evaluation of the Cook Islands Education Sector Partnership

This evaluation measures progress to date towards the achievement of the goals of the Cook Islands Education Master Plan 2008-2023, to inform future planning and decision making. The focus of the evaluation is on outcomes identified by the Ministry of Education, the Department of National...

Cook Islands programme evaluation

This evaluation assessed the quality of New Zealand’s aid delivery, the results of its programme of assistance, and suggested ways New Zealand could better support the Cook Islands.

Cooks Islands Education Desk evaluation final report 2015

This evaluation concludes that if New Zealand government funding was not available, without a commensurate increase in budget from Cook Island Government or other sources, current activities could not be sustained or progress to achieve desired outcomes maintained.

Evaluation report for Cook Islands Tourism Sector Support

This evaluation finds New Zealand's tourism support programme to align closely with the tourism sector priorities of the Cook Islands government and industry.

Tourism and poverty reduction in the South Pacific

This report examines tourism and its contribution to poverty alleviation in the Pacific, focusing mainly on what existing literature can tell us about the nature and scope of tourism in the region and its contribution to development, constraints to tourism, and the roles of key...

Investing in our young people: Akaupokotuanga i ta tatou mapu no te au tuatau ki mua

Although most young people engage in positive life activities and become healthy adults, some become involved in risky behaviours. This has long been a concern for families, health professionals, policy makers and academics. Despite considerable research and the construction of a range of theories and...