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24 November 2016

This paper reviews the major parliamentary and political events of the 44th Parliament.

30 August 2016

Provides snapshots of issues expected to figure during the Parliament's first months.

4 May 2016

This Parliamentary Library website provides a series of Budget Review briefings to assist parliamentarians to consider key issues posed by the 2016–17 Federal Budget, selected on the basis of...

25 June 2015

This bill, passed by both houses on 25 June 2015, concerns bankruptcy, family law, and extending the existing legal deposit scheme to electronic formats in order to better protect movable cultural...

30 May 2015

The Budget is the government’s central economic and fiscal statement each year. This paper reviews key aspects of the Budget.

29 March 2015

Provides detailed information about Parliament including the parliamentary service and political careers of Senators and Members, and details of parliamentary committees and elections.

13 November 2013


As we do for each new Parliament, we present this volume of short, strategic level snapshots of some of the big issues affecting Australia which are expected to...

4 September 2013

There has been much discussion in both the media and political debate in recent times about the substantial and rising costs to the Australian Government of intercepting, detaining and processing...

9 May 2012

This Senate report reviews amendments to how mobile device and online computer games are classified, and recommends these amendments be passed.

On 3 November 2011, the Senate referred the...

10 February 2012

This paper provides background material for the parliamentary debate that is likely to follow the introduction of Labor MP Stephen Jones' private Bill supporting same-sex marriage.