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23 May 2018

This brief provides an overview of the key fiscal and economic numbers from the 2018–19 Budget.


24 Nov 2016


In 2013 Australia returned to majority government when the Abbott Coalition Government was elected with 90 out of the 150 seats in the House of Representatives. In the Senate, minor and micro parties and Independents held the balance of power. The 44th...


30 Aug 2016

The Parliamentary Library has prepared a volume providing snapshots of issues expected to figure during the Parliament's first months. The articles give a high level perspective of key public policy issues, including relevant background, context and legislative history as well as outlining some of the...


4 May 2016

The Parliamentary Library provides a series of Budget Review briefings to assist parliamentarians to consider key issues posed by the 2016–17 Budget, selected on the basis of significance, complexity or degree of controversy.


30 May 2015

The Budget is the government’s central economic and fiscal statement each year. This paper reviews key aspects of the Budget.


The 2015–16 Budget was introduced into Parliament on 12 May 2015. It is the second Budget of the Coalition Government. This...

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3 Dec 2018

This guide explains Australia’s climate safeguard mechanism, which is an important component of Australian’s central climate change policy, the Emissions Reduction Fund.


28 Nov 2018

This guide summarises the often complex funding and disclosure laws federally, and in each Australian state and territory. These laws regulate who can make and receive political donations, how and when those donations must be disclosed, how much money political parties can spend on election...


19 Nov 2018

This quick guide provides an overview of the vocational education and training (VET) sector including what the sector covers, policy and regulatory responsibilities and funding.


30 Oct 2018

This guide provides a brief overview of the different types of people who are not in the labour force, gives an introduction to the key concepts and terminology, and lists relevant data sources. This is one in a series of statistical quick guides, designed to...


29 Oct 2018

The purpose of this paper is to present a range of economic and other statistical indicators for the states and territories of Australia. To facilitate comparisons, indicators are presented in relative terms such as growth rates, percentages, or proportions of gross state product, so comparisons...

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