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The Terms of Reference for the Review Panel were as follows: The Review Panel is to receive and consider public comment and make recommendations for the improvement of the State’s occupational safety and health framework that applies to issues arising from extended working hours. The panel is to have regard to: i. The incidence of extended working hours in specific industries / occupations or sectors of the Western Australian community. ii. The extent and nature of demonstrated health and safety issues, such as fatigue, for employees working extended hours. iii. Specific models and/or general structures to provide guidance on the management of, and if necessary specific limits on working hours where there is strong evidence of serious health and safety issues in ii above. iv. The extent to which instruments (for example codes of practice) may be utilised in standard generic form or whether they are better tailored to specific industries or occupations. v. The lessons to be derived from and the transferability of, instruments already applied to problem areas, e.g, road transport and medical interns in teaching hospitals. vi. Proposed action to be taken by government and industry for the development, implementation and monitoring of recommended models along with resource implications. vii. Emerging issues arising from extended working hours whether they be industry / occupation specific or more generally impacting on the health of individual workers, their families or their community.

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