The MCA is the peak national industry association representing exploration, mining and minerals processing companies in Australia. MCA members account for more than 85% of annual minerals production in Australia and a slightly higher proportion of mineral exports. Members of the MCA recognise that Industry’s engagement with Indigenous people needs to be founded in mutual respect and in the recognition of Indigenous Australians’ rights in law, interests and special connections to land and waters. This point is made even more acute by the fact that more than 60% of minerals operations in Australia have neighbouring Indigenous communities. The MCA’s vision is a thriving minerals industry working in partnership with Indigenous communities for the present and future development of mineral resources and the establishment of vibrant, diversified and sustainable regional economies and Indigenous communities. Industry further recognises that the present and future operations of minerals companies are inextricably linked to building and enhancing our strong relationships with Indigenous communities, and to meeting the needs of this generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. The Australian minerals industry seeks to ensure that through the conversion of natural resources into societal capital that the industry makes a significant positive socio-economic contribution to the communities in which it operates. It is through direct community involvement and the creation of partnerships between companies, governments and communities in areas such as jobs, training, health, education, social and physical infrastructure and enterprise facilitation that companies can and do contribute enduring value. The Australian minerals industry recognises that stable environments and lives are created through equitable socio-economic opportunities and outcomes. Accordingly, our policies and practices are directed at building local community capacity and capturing opportunities to grow the intergenerational socio-economic well being of Indigenous Australians.

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