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Review into the efficacy of the Code of Conduct for Australian Copyright Collecting Societies - discussion paper

Publishers and publishing Copyright Governance Code of conduct Australia

The Bureau of Communications and Arts Research (BCAR) will undertake this review in consultation with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

The review will examine the extent to which the Code promotes fair and efficient outcomes for both members and licensees of copyright collecting societies in Australia. This will include assessing:

  1. whether the Code is meeting its rationale and objectives, including promoting confidence and participation in the system, and mitigating any potential market power issues where these occur in relation to collecting societies
  2. the extent to which the Code promotes transparency, accountability and good governance, including by examining whether the Code contains sufficient monitoring, review and dispute resolution mechanisms, and the extent to which the Code represents best practice in comparison with other domestic and international codes and guidelines.
  3. Any other matters that are deemed significant and relevant to the scope of the review following stakeholder consultation may also be examined.

The BCAR has released this discussion paper for stakeholder feedback. The BCAR intends to release a draft report in late 2017 and provide a final report to Government in 2018.

Submissions close 15 September 2017.

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