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The WAPC’s Guidelines for the Lifting of Urban Deferment specify the requirements to be met before the WAPC will agree to land being transferred from urban deferred to the urban zone in a region planning scheme.

‘Urban deferred’ zoning is provided for in each of the operative region planning schemes. It is used to reflect a medium or long term planning intention to urbanise land but is currently subject to sequencing, servicing and/ or environmental or other constraints or issues.

The relevant clauses of the respective region scheme texts specify that ‘lifting’ of urban deferred to urban zoning requires a resolution of the WAPC. The ‘lifting’ of urban deferred to urban zoning is not a formal region scheme amendment.

The WAPC has endorsed a draft update to the November 2007 Guidelines for public comment. The key changes include:

  • References inserted to the Peel Region Scheme; Greater Bunbury Region Scheme; and the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015
  • Updated text on environmental requirements
  • New section on hazard and risk
  • New reference to fill requirements, including potential sources and transport implications

The draft guidelines are open for public comment until 29 Sep 2017.

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