Western Australian Electoral Commission - 2017 state general election report

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The conduct of any major electoral event is a significant logistical challenge and the 2017 State election was no different. Following the amendment of State enrolment laws, almost 200,000 more Western Australians were eligible to vote than in the 2013 State election. The relaxation of early voting requirements contributed to a 166% increase in early voting in person. The election was conducted on substantially altered electoral boundaries. New rules enabled electors with a disability or incapacity to vote online.

The funding allocation for the election was $18.5 million which, while the same as for the 2013 election, constituted a significant reduction in real terms when CPI increases and the increased number of enrolled electors are taken into account. Operating within the allocated budget was both a major challenge and a significant achievement.

This report should be read in conjunction with the companion report, 2017 Western Australian State General Election Results and Statistics, which provides a detailed breakdown of election results for both the Legislative Assembly and the Legislative Council.

Reports from previous W.A state elections can be accessed here

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