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The Leeuwin-Naturaliste sub-region is renowned for its unique lifestyle, landscape, environmental values and amenity. These attributes are linked with a stable and diverse economic base and proximity to Bunbury and Perth, making the sub-region a key tourist destination and attractive place in which to invest.

The Leeuwin-Naturaliste Sub-regional Planning Strategy is an overarching planning document that outlines the Western Australian Planning Commission’s approach to future planning and development within the City of Busselton and the Shire of Augusta-Margaret River. The sub-regional strategy provides guidance to help local governments implement State strategic priorities, and inform local planning strategies and schemes so that robust planning decisions are made. The strategy also provides background information for the proposed review of State Planning Policy 6.1: LeeuwinNaturaliste Ridge.

In particular, the sub-regional strategy instils the need for planned and sequential delivery of hard and social infrastructure. To cater for population growth it proposes a combination of urban infill, the review of structure plans for undeveloped greenfields development sites, and the identification of two planning investigation areas contiguous with the existing settlements at Dunsborough and Vasse. Importantly, the strategy recognises the need to integrate management of bushfire risk, remnant vegetation and habitat protection, and the rationalisation of rural residential properties. Plans for the long term need to acknowledge fundamental elements will change over time. These include technology; community, visitor and investor views and expectations; the climate; the economy; and the demand for and availability of natural resources. With appropriate management and supporting infrastructure; and the consideration of cumulative impacts, the Leeuwin-Naturaliste sub-region will continue to be a unique and bio-diverse environment enjoyed by thriving and resilient communities and appreciative visitors.

The Western Australian Planning Commission, South West Development Commission, City of Busselton and the Shire of Augusta Margaret River share a vision that the LeeuwinNaturaliste sub-region will support a diverse range of land uses and economic opportunities, while maintaining its unique lifestyle, landscape, environmental values and amenity.

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