Stakeholder perspectives on Australia's affordable housing system

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This report provides insight into how different stakeholders see the affordable housing system in Australia. The research was undertaken by the Australian Futures Project and was commissioned by the National Australia Bank as part of their commitment to working with stakeholders to explore solutions to improve affordable housing (broadly defined).

The findings are based upon 17 in-depth interviews with leaders from across different components of affordable housing system including government, non-government, the private sector, and academia. A wide range of literature was also reviewed and evidence from this literature is included to provide context to interviewee perspectives.

In discussing affordable housing, interviewees focused on both the challenges facing the affordable housing system today, as well as ideas for a better future. As this report is about stakeholder perspectives, only topics raised by interviewees are included. In presenting the research findings, the approach taken is to consider not just the ‘symptoms’ or one-off-events in the current system, but to also step back and identify different patterns of behaviour, embedded system structures and the underlying mental models and assumptions that have helped shaped the system in to what it is today (Meadows, 2008; Gerber, 2012). To this end, important factors driving the affordable housing system are categorised into four categories, both for insights into the current system (Section 2) and ideas for a better future (Section 3).

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