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Our people, culture and place: a plan to sustain Ballarat's heritage

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The City of Ballarat’s heritage plan, Our People, Culture & Place: a plan to sustain Ballarat’s heritage 2017-2030 (the plan), celebrates our ‘historic city’ advantage. Ballarat is a high-value place to live, work and play. Its intact heritage streetscapes, treed boulevards, historic parks, landscape, setting, stories and diverse cultures are a huge part of why our city is appealing to locals and visitors alike. Council is committed to doing the very best for our community who has told us that of everything, they love our heritage the most. This plan builds on the Council’s commitment in Today, Tomorrow, Together: The Ballarat Strategy 2015-2040 (The Ballarat Strategy) and the Council Plan to celebrate our beautiful and unique city, protect our heritage and maintain our city’s distinctive sense of identity.

Ballarat’s history of extraordinary Aboriginal culture, global migration, gold mining and technical innovation, coupled with our distinctive setting make us who we are today. It sets us apart and provides us with legacies we can build on – opening up a world of possibilities for our city’s future. Ballarat is also one of the fastest growing municipalities in the state. If we don’t plan carefully for change, our community’s love for their city could be impacted and weakened. While our city must progress, we need balance.

The plan achieves this by bringing together social and economic development goals with a plan to sustain Ballarat’s heritage. Through this plan we will deliver a regenerated historic landscape, resilient local neighbourhoods and CBD and new connections to Ballarat’s stories and heritage.

Ballarat is recognised as a leading city in heritage management and we have built strong relationships with international organisations such as the League of Historical Cities, UNESCO and, most recently, the Council of Europe (COE) and the United Nations Global Compact - Cities Programme (UNGCCP). Our city is one of only seven in the world represented on the League of Historical Cities’ Board of Directors, the first local government to join UNESCO’s global HUL pilot, as well as being the first city in the southern hemisphere to join the COE’s Intercultural Cities Network. Building on decades of work by many passionate local citizens to preserve Ballarat's unique heritage, these international platforms help us deliver best practice as we address the new challenges facing our city.

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