Report of case study no. 28: Catholic Church authorities in Ballarat

At the time of the public hearing some clergy and religious who were considered in the case study were the subject of criminal investigations or charges. Where the Royal Commission considered it appropriate to do so, those individuals were given a pseudonym so as not...
Conference paper

Skilled workers in Ballarat and Bendigo: why did they choose a regional location and are they likely to stay?

Capital cities like Melbourne continue to attract the majority of State population growth. This can create challenges for attracting skilled workers to, and retaining them in, regional locations. This paper reports on a survey of more than 1200 professional workers in the Victorian regional cities...

VEIL Ballarat centre structural plan

This report looks at the future development in Ballarat, Victoria. New forms of urban planning, housing and also transport and use of natural resouces are some of the major topics covered.

Sustainable practices in small and medium sized enterprises in regional Australia

This research explores how regional small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are making greater commitments towards sustainable practices.

Coping with stigma: Coming out and living as lesbians and gay men in regional and rural areas in the context of problems of rural confidentiality and social exclusion

This paper compares and contrasts the differences in support networks for gay men and lesbians between urban and regional areas in Victoria. It finds many gay men and lesbians in rural areas experience significant discrimination and have significantly less community support than those in metropolitan...
Draft report

Our people, culture and place: a plan to sustain Ballarat's heritage

This plan brings together social and economic development goals with conservation goals, guided by international best practice – UNESCO’s Historic Urban Landscape approach (HUL).

Path+Ways: towards best practice in Indigenous access education

In Australia, regional and remote Indigenous students are under‐represented in both higher education and vocational education and training. Access (or enabling) education programs are important in lifting participation rates and potentially in encouraging mobility between the sectors. However, there is a clear lack of evidence...

Regional Universities Network: Engaging with regions, building a stronger nation

Utilising an internationally validated framework, the Regional Universities Network (RUN) undertook a study to assess and report on the member universities’ social, cultural, environmental and economic contributions to their regions and the nation. The study found substantive evidence of the positive performance of the universities...

Operation Ross: an investigation into police conduct in the Ballarat Police Service Area

In March 2015 IBAC received closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage from Victoria Police showing the alleged mistreatment of a woman in custody in the cells of the Ballarat Police Station in January 2015. IBAC subsequently commenced an own motion investigation named Operation Ross. The investigation expanded...