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This report shows that over the five years from November 2010 to November 2015, there were 43.5% fewer librarian positions in the workforce; 16.3% fewer technician positions, and 12.4% fewer library assistant positions. However, looking ahead to May 2022, the Department of Employment predicts a 15.6% employment rise for librarians, a relatively stable number of library technician positions and a drop of 13% for library assistant positions.

There is expected to be a modest increase in the number of qualified positions available over the next five years, but a significant decrease in the number of positions for staff without a library and information science qualification. The library and information sector remains an attractive job prospect but there is undoubtedly competition for jobs. The workforce tends to be fairly static, with a relatively small number of vacancies occurring through staff turnover, people leaving the sector and the creation of new positions.

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