Australian Library and Information Association

Discussion paper

Discussion paper on the draft stretch targets for Australian libraries 2020-2030

In September 2019, library leaders and other guests gathered at ALIA House in Canberra to debate stretch targets for the sector as part of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This discussion paper outlines a draft set of stretch targets as the foundation for...

Workforce diversity trend report 2019

This report has been created from the data collected and made available by the ABS. While ALIA's principle concern is the library and information sector, they have extended the report to cover the GLAMR (galleries, libraries, archives, museums and records) sector.

Standards Australia Distribution and Licensing Policy Framework

This response to the Standards Australia discussion paper is informed by our commitment to providing access to information to those who need it.

Services for migrants and refugees

Coinciding with Refugee Week 2019, the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) has released this report, which demonstrates how libraries across Australia are supporting new arrivals.
Position paper

2019 ALIA federal election agenda

This agenda was created after consultation with ALIA Members and states goals for the next federal government.