Consumer survey on online copyright infringement 2017 - a marketing research report

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This report presents the main findings of the third consumer survey of online copyright infringement amongst Australians aged 12+, conducted in March 2017. The survey asked respondents to think about activities they had undertaken in the past three months, which broadly corresponds to the first three months of the calendar year. Results have been examined against the second consumer survey conducted in March 2016, and the benchmark consumer survey conducted 12 months earlier in March 2015.

The objectives for this research were: to understand the prevalence of online copyright infringement in Australia across four core content types (music, video games, movies and TV programmes); to understand what attitudes drive online copyright infringement behaviours; to determine the role pricing plays in lawful and unlawful access of online content; and to understand how each measure has changed since 2015/2016.

The survey was designed to capture information across four core content types: music, movies, video games and TV programmes. It also provided top level measurements for a further two content types: e-books and PC software.

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