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The report presents the main findings for the fourth consumer survey of online copyright infringement amongst Australians aged 12+, conducted in March 2018. A total of 2,453 individuals participated in the 2018 survey. Respondents either completed the survey online or via a Computer Assisted Telephone Interview (CATI) and the survey asked respondents to consider their online activity in the past three months. Responses from 2018 have been compared to responses from the previous years’ surveys to demonstrate trends and build an understanding of digital consumption within Australia. Quotas were set for gender, age and geography, as per previous surveys, to ensure a representative sample of Australian people was achieved. Please note that the sample of digital video game consumers is comparatively small, at 20% of the survey sample, due to the survey sample size and quotas. As such, small changes noted within the study may in fact be greater within the general Australian population.

There were four key objectives for the research. Firstly, to understand the prevalence of online copyright infringement in Australia across four content types: music, video games, movies and TV programs. Second, to understand what attitudes drive online copyright infringement behaviours. Third, to determine the role pricing plays in lawful and unlawful access of online content and finally, to understand how online user behaviour and attitude has changed since the survey first began in 2015 and the emerging trends over the past four years.

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