The SEREE model: a renewable energy industry development resource kit

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SERREE (South East Region of Renewable Energy Excellence) is a regional renewable energy industry development initiative led by Regional Development Australia ACT. This three-year initiative to develop a replicable, regional-scale renewable energy industry development model has been collaboratively funded by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), NSW Government, ACT Government, Regional Development Australia (RDA) ACT and RDA Southern Inland, and key renewable energy industry stakeholders.

The SERREE model is presented to meet information sharing obligations under a Funding Agreement with the Australian Renewable Energy Agency.

In this SERREE Model Resource Kit, Regional Development Australia (RDA) ACT presents replicable learnings from their SERREE (South East Region of Renewable Energy Excellence) renewable energy industry development initiative. The Resource Kit provides a pathway for other regions interested in developing their region’s renewable energy industry, while at the same time optimising economic development benefits - attracting local investment, jobs and business growth.

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