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In Australia, more than one in five children arrive at school already affected by environments and experiences that are less than optimal for their development.

These children are developmentally vulnerable and at risk of problems now and later in their lives. In some communities, this vulnerability extends to one in two children—every second child.

This report discusses the need to invest in place-based approaches—local solutions to local problems—as a strategy that shows promise for improving outcomes for children in disadvantaged locations.

Place-based approaches are making positive impacts in communities around the world. This report focuses on replicable learnings from researchers and practitioners in place-based programs, policy and research across the UK, US and Australia.

These learnings were presented in July 2017 at the Emerging patterns in place-based approaches: International perspectives policy roundtable, hosted by the Centre for Community Child Health, Opportunity Child and the Victorian Government and supported by the Creswick Foundation and The ten20 Foundation. 



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