Evaluation of the New Zealand English Language Training for Officials (ELTO) and English Language Training for Senior Officials (ELTSO) Programmes

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This evaluation examines if and how the ELTO and ELTSO programmes (2009-2013) can be enhanced to increase their strategic results to New Zealand, and to participating countries. This included determining what strategic value the programmes have had, and are likely to have, what changes have occurred as a result of the programmes, and how the ELTO and ELTSO programming could be improved. A range of methods were used including interviews, focus groups, discussion groups, and a web-survey. The evaluation showed that the programmes had strong strategic value to both New Zealand and participating countries; that key English language skills were gained and used for work purposes; and that alumni thought favourably about New Zealand and were a ready contact point. Opportunities to improve the programmes included a modest scaling-up; establishing a pro-active alumni scheme; and contracting out of more administration and management functions to ensure processes are sufficiently and consistently resourced and MFAT is able to focus on providing representation.

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