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Strengthening Australia's relationships with countries in the Pacific islands region

Australia’s relationships with the countries of the Pacific islands region are many and varied. This policy brief focuses on how Australia can further develop and strengthen its relationships with Pacific island countries and with the Pacific islands region more generally.

Building an Asia-literate Australia: an Australian strategy for Asian language proficiency

Australia needs half of the population to be fluent in an Asian language within 30 years or risk falling behind other countries, this report has found. Australia must abandon its monolingual mindset to keep pace with economic and political power houses of China, India, Japan...

Burma and nuclear proliferation: policies and perceptions

Before 2000, the idea that Burma might one day become a nuclear power was considered fanciful. Ever since it regained its independence in 1948, Burma had been a consistent supporter of global nuclear disarmament and had played an active role in international organisations dedicated to...