Tess Newton Cain

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Strengthening Australia's relationships with countries in the Pacific islands region

Australia’s relationships with the countries of the Pacific islands region are many and varied. This policy brief focuses on how Australia can further develop and strengthen its relationships with Pacific island countries and with the Pacific islands region more generally.
Policy report

Pacific perspectives on the world

The Whitlam Institute has published this policy research into the relationship between Australia and some of its closest neighbours. The research shows a broad range of people in three of Australia’s closest Pacific countries – Solomon Islands, Fiji and Vanuatu – are concerned Australia does...
Policy report

Walking the talk: is Australia's engagement with the Pacific a 'step up' or a stumble?

The release of Australia's Foreign Policy White Paper late last year had been much anticipated, not least because it was the first such paper in over a decade. Notable was that the Pacific island region (including Timor-Leste) had been accorded a chapter of its own.
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Regional service delivery among Pacific Island countries: an assessment

Experience with pooling service delivery among Pacific Island countries has not met the optimistic expectations of advocates, finds this study.