My Life My Lead - Opportunities for strengthening approaches to the social determinants and cultural determinants of Indigenous health: report on the national consultations December 2017

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This Consultation Report is an account of what was heard from participants and contributors about the factors impacting on health, and is further informed by literature and research on the identified priority areas. There was strong support for an approach to improving health that accounted for the social determinants that frequently contribute to poor health and the cultural determinants that can potentially be enormously positive for health.

This Report captures the seven key priorities raised by consultation participants and in written submissions. These priority areas encompass a range of sectors and areas, including, but not limited to, health, education, housing, employment and justice. The report also notes where there is need for further work and exploration.

A social determinants and cultural determinants approach to health also supports the Australian Government’s commitment to a range of international treaties and obligations, including our commitments under the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its seventeen Sustainable Development Goals.

The Department of Health would like to thank the members of the Implementation Plan Advisory Group and the National Health Leadership Forum for their leadership and advice throughout the consultation process. The Department also acknowledges those who attended the consultation forums, including the many participants who travelled long distances, and the organisations and individuals who provided submissions.

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