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Progress of the Northern Territory emergency response child health check initiative: Health conditions and referrals

30 Jun 2008

This Progress of the Northern Territory Emergency Response Child Health Check Initiative: Health Conditions and Referrals report describes the number and types of health conditions identified during the Child Health Checks as well as the number and types of referrals made as part of those health checks. The checks analysed for this report were undertaken from July 2007 to May 2008.

By 15 May 2008, approximately 10,900 Child Health Checks (CHCs) had been undertaken in the prescribed areas of the Northern Territory Emergency Response (NTER), representing 63% of the 17,182 children who are eligible for the checks. For the most part, these health checks were carried out as part of the NTER; however, some Medicare health checks are included.

The information provided in this report relates to 7,733 children for whom the AIHW had entered information from the CHC form into the Child Health Check Initiative (CHCI) database.

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