Future transport strategy 2056

18 Mar 2018

Transport is in a period of immense growth, change and disruption. We are more mobile than ever and our lives more interconnected. Technology presents opportunities – new ways to travel and plan journeys, and new ways to deliver cutting-edge services to our customers.

Future Transport 2056 ensures that we are prepared for rapid changes in technology and innovation to create and maintain a world class, safe, efficient and reliable transport system over the next 40 years.

Just like the 2012 Master Plan, Future Transport 2056 places the customer at the centre of everything we do. It outlines a vision, strategic directions and customer outcomes, with infrastructure and services plans underpinning the delivery of these directions across the state.

Future Transport 2056 acknowledges the vital role transport plays in the land use, tourism, and economic development of towns and cities. It includes issue-specific and place-based supporting plans that shift the focus away from individual modes of transport, toward integrated solutions.

The Strategy and Plans also focus on the role of transport in delivering movement and place outcomes that support the character of the places and communities we want for the future.

Future Transport 2056 is the first plan to unpack how we can harness rapid advancements in technology and innovation to transform the customer experience and boost economic performance across NSW.

Planning for 40 years is bold when rapid technological innovation is the new norm and there is uncertainty as to what the future will look like. Our population set to increase to 12 million people by 2056, freight volumes are estimated to double in the Greater Sydney area and increase by 25 per cent in regional NSW and the passenger network preparing for 28 million trips a day – this means planning for the future has never been more important.

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