Universities New Zealand: Assessing returns on international collaboration

Higher education International cooperation New Zealand

Deloitte Access Economics was commissioned by Universities New Zealand to develop an evidence-based, consistent framework and model to assess the benefits of international collaboration opportunities for New Zealand universities. This research and analysis answer the following questions:

- What are the economic (and social) benefits from international collaboration initiatives, and how do they transmit through the economy?

- How do the returns differ by type of collaboration initiative?

- How are the benefits of international collaboration distributed between universities, private participants, and the broader economy?

The analysis draws on a review of international literature in this field and a custom developed model to understand the economic benefits of four different, but related, collaboration activities. The relative benefits of each initiative are based on the best evidence from the available literature. For some of the initiatives considered here, the benefits of international collaboration had only been explored in a handful of overseas studies.

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