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The provision of specialist services for adolescents with sexual behaviours - a rural context: what has worked?

1 Jan 2001

The Male Adolescent Program for Positive Sexuality (MAPPS) is an intensive group treatment program, based in Melbourne, for males 10 21 who have been found guilty of a sexual offence and placed on community based orders or custodial sentences for their behaviour. The program places emphasis on young people accepting responsibility for their offending behaviour and for making the necessary changes so that they can lead lives that do not include offending. It is based on a model of group work supported by individual counselling sessions. This paper provides information about the MAPPS Program, focusing on the development of regional services. It describes the client numbers and treatment needs in Victoria's most remote region (Loddon-Mallee) and Victoria's largest regional area (Gippsland) and the provision of therapeutic intervention in those areas.

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Canberra, ACT
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