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Discussion paper

Murray-Darling Basin Royal Commission: issues paper 1

4 Apr 2018

The Murray-Darling Basin Royal Commission (The Commission) was established by the Governor of South Australia on 23 January 2018. In February, the Commission invited members of the public to make submissions in relation to its Terms of Reference concerning matters relevant to the Murray-Darling Basin Plan (Basin Plan). The Basin Plan was enacted in 2012 for the purpose of managing the water resources of the Murray-Darling Basin.

A large number of persons, organisations and Government Departments have been specifically invited to make submissions.

All participants in the submission process have been asked to submit their written submissions by 30 April 2018, and to address such of the Commission’s Terms of Reference as are relevant to them when making a submission.

The Terms of Reference for investigative and administrative inquiries are often, of necessity, very broad. The purpose of this issues paper is to briefly set out matters from the Terms of Reference that are the subject of focus by the Commission, so as to assist any person or organisation wishing to submit a submission, or in the process of preparing one. The Commission also hopes that this issues paper will help people in the preparation of oral contributions they may wish to make at community consultations, which will be held by the Commission across the Basin.

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