Counting on change: a guide to prevention monitoring

A guide for policy-makers, researchers, and advocates on measuring population-level progress towards the prevention of violence against women and their children in Australia
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Over recent decades, Commonwealth and state/territory governments, nongovernment organisations and others have invested in policies, initiatives, and campaigns to prevent violence against women and their children in Australia. There is a strong evidence base around what works to prevent violence against women, drawn from local and international research. Evaluation of prevention initiatives continues to build on this evidence base, and we have seen positive change among those reached by prevention programs.

What’s missing is a picture of change at the national or whole-ofpopulation level. A companion piece to Change the story: a shared framework for the primary prevention of violence, this publication provides guidance to policy makers and researchers on how to comprehensively track short, medium, and long-term progress toward prevention at the population-level.

Counting on change is a world-first in identifying indicators of change for the drivers and reinforcing factors of violence against women, and advising on available data sets and processes for gathering this information into a ‘picture of progress’ which will tell us whether Australia is headed in the right direction overall.

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