Victorian carer strategy 2018-2022

Recognising and supporting Victoria’s carers
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The Victorian government knows how important carers are – not only to the people they care for, the people whose lives they improve on a daily basis, but to the whole community.

Carers provide support to partners, family and friends. They care for someone with a disability, mental illness, terminal illness, chronic illness, or an older person with care needs.

Victoria’s carers are as diverse as the people they care for. They provide emotional and practical support, and provide this care anywhere from a couple of hours a day to around-the-clock assistance.

The care role can be hugely rewarding for the carer, but it can also be challenging. It can be difficult to make sure carers get access to the services and supports they need to look after themselves and make sure they’re supported in their care role – particularly since many don’t identify as carers.

In preparing this strategy, we spoke with about 1,500 carers as well as carer support organisations to better understand the challenges, needs and wants of Victoria’s carers. Their input informs every aspect of this whole-of-Victorian government strategy.

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