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Perspectives on rural caregiving challenges and interventions

Dementia Rural and remote communities Rural health Aged care United States of America

Unpaid, informal caregivers provide the vast majority of all long-term care in the United States. However, little is known about specific challenges they face in rural areas or what can be done to support them. This brief presents findings from key informant interviews describing challenges and opportunities related to supporting informal caregivers in rural areas.

Key findings:

  • Forty-one key informants across multiple sectors identified challenges, recent changes to rural caregiving, and strategies related to supporting informal (unpaid) caregivers in rural areas
  • Main challenges relate to access to resources, transportation, culture, demography, and isolation
  • Recent changes to rural caregiving relate to technology, demographic shifts, financial pressure, and changes in awareness and information
  • Possible strategies to support rural caregivers include increasing funding, developing a national strategy, and expanding access to resources.
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