Family violence primary prevention

Building a knowledge base and identifying gaps for all manifestations of family violence
Family violence Australia
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Family violence is a prevalent and pervasive issue with far-reaching impact and consequences.

The Victorian Government has recognised the severe impact of family violence on Australian communities and the diversity of experiences among different populations, as highlighted by the Royal Commission into Family Violence.

The Equality Institute was engaged by the Victorian Government to scope and analyse available literature on, and establish the state of knowledge of, the drivers and reinforcing factors of family violence, particularly among marginalised communities, in order to assist the development of the strategy.

The report examines 11 often under-represented communities, including women with disabilities, Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander communities, male victims, culturally and linguistically diverse communities, and explores the different ways in which they experience family violence.

Crucially, the report finds that there are substantial gaps in the evidence-base on family violence and effective prevention strategies for these communities. In response, the report offers a series of recommendations, including the need for further research among these groups, to inform the design of coordinated, appropriate and effective violence prevention interventions that meet the needs of Australia's diverse population.

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