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The task of the Swedish Arts Grants Committee is to facilitate artists’ pursuit of their profession and to encourage artistic development in general. The agency is also required to analyse the social conditions of artists in Sweden. As part of this endeavour, the Arts Grants Committee has for the first time studied artists’ working environment. It surveyed those who applied for funding from the Arts Grants Committee itself or from the Swedish Authors’ Fund in 2013, 2014 and 2015 within the categories of art & design, dance, film, music, writing and theatre. A total of 1 859 artists completed the survey, which represents a response rate of 34 per cent.

The questions were framed by drawing both on the Swedish Work Environment Authority’s questionnaire used to compile official statistics for the labour market as a whole, and on the Arts Grants Committee’s previous studies. For its 2016 study, the Work Environment Authority changed a number of the questions and deleted others. Consequently, the questions are not always comparable with the official statistics in this field. The questions in the survey concern both the physical and the psychosocial working environment, and cover both commonplace and unusual circumstances. As a result, the issues dealt with are in part more applicable to certain artistic categories or work situations than to others. This needs to be taken into account when interpreting the findings.

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