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Keeping track of productivity in house-building

It is unclear how productivity is used by house-builders on-site to control, evaluate and improve operations. This study addresses how Swedish house-building companies keep track of productivity in the processes and sub-processes of production.
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Automatic structural design by a set-based parametric design method

Modern structural design faces new challenges, such as addressing the needs of several stakeholders and satisfying the criteria for achieving sustainability. In this project, the selected method was successfully applied and it was observed that it resulted in bridges that were more efficient in terms...
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A comparison of inspection practices within the construction industry between the Danish and Swedish work environment authorities

Denmark has a 39% higher rate of fatal occupational injuries within construction than Sweden. The aim of the study was to describe and compare the inspection practices, within the construction industry, between the Danish and Swedish Work Environment Authorities.
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Liminal roles in construction project practice: exploring change through the roles of partnering manager, building logistic specialist and BIM coordinator

In order to better understand the unfolding of construction project practice in an increasingly changeful world new professional roles are explored as liminal roles. Findings are both theoretical and practical and suggest that new professional roles practice multi-liminal work and acknowledge tensions that pose challenges...
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Beyond policies and social washing: how social procurement unfolds in practice

An important feature of social procurement used to mitigate issues with social exclusion is employment requirements, which aim to create internships for unemployed marginalized people. Findings show that practitioners must handle the tension between old and new practices, and strike a balance between fulfilling formal...
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Populating the social realm: new roles arising from social procurement

Employment requirements, as part of social procurement, are increasingly used in construction procurement as a tool to mitigate issues of exclusion on the job market. To create a better understanding how employment requirements nurtures a new type of actor, here named the “employment requirement professional”...
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Digital assembly instruction system design with green lean perspective: case study from building module industry

Manual 'easy jobs' need to be efficient, standardised and quality assured to remain competitive against automated production. Inspired by axiomatic design this study aims at selecting design of lean methods and equipment for digital assembly instructions and standardised work.
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Design for green lean building module production - case study

This case study at a start-up company uses experiences from assembly system design and eco-design literature to propose green lean design principles to be used in the design and development of building modules and their assembly stations.
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The mediating role of CSR on the market orientation and strategic performance relationship - a study of the public housing companies in Sweden

This article analyzes the impact of corporate social responsibility (CSR) on (1) the market orientation and strategic performance relationship related to public housing companies’ choice of construction strategies and (2) the companies’ responsiveness to gathered and disseminated customer information. Results inform companies implementing CSR in...
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A data-driven approach for discovering heat load patterns in district heating

In this work, the authors propose a data-driven approach that enables large-scale automatic analysis of heat load patterns in district heating networks without requiring prior knowledge.