2017 Swinburne Annual Reconciliation Lecture - Black to the Future


In 2017 Australians stand at a crossroads. Are we heading to a truly egalitarian and shared future of prosperity, or to the bleak future portrayed in the movie Back to the Future II? Global political instability and bizarre electoral outcomes have created a climate of world uncertainty.

In recent times the Australian nation has faced extreme and conflicting views over refugees, boat people, Australia Day, constitutional change and Aboriginal issues. It is timely to look back at the past now on some of these very same issues, to gain an insight on how we can take steps towards making positive change today. Presented by Professor John Maynard on Thursday 8 June 2017.

About the speaker

Professor John Maynard is a Worimi Aboriginal man from the Port Stephens region of New South Wales.

He is currently Chair of Aboriginal History at the University of Newcastle and Director of the Purai Global Indigenous and Diaspora Research Studies Centre. Professor Maynard has held several major positions and served on numerous prominent organizations and committees including, Deputy Chairperson of the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS), Executive Committee of the Australian Historical Association, New South Wales History Council, Indigenous Higher Education Advisory Council (IHEAC), Australian Research Council College of Experts – Deputy Chair Humanities, National Indigenous Research and Knowledge Network (NIRAKN) and a Fulbright Ambassador.

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