Better dealings with government: innovation in payments and information services

18 Sep 2009

The purpose of this discussion paper is to invite comment from industry on innovative ways of delivering government payments and collecting and sharing required information such as customer income details.

Each year the Australian Government delivers more than $100 billion in payments through the Human Services Portfolio. As highlighted by the Prime Minister in November 2007 when announcing his Ministry, the Government recognises the potential savings associated with providing those payments and related information services more efficiently. However, this discussion paper goes beyond the dollar. It is about how we move to the next generation of service delivery and customer engagement...

This discussion paper is about engaging with industry on better ways of providing payment and information services. It is not about any immediate service requirement or procurement activity. Rather, it establishs an information base to inform possible future initiatives that support the Government’s broader agenda for more citizen-centred services, including standardised business reporting, reform of the tax system, and other activities to minimise red tape and simplify government-community engagement, while managing risk and privacy considerations.

This paper is primarily directed to commercial organisations in various sectors that facilitate or participate in payment and related information services and to the peak bodies that represent them. These sectors may include finance, retail, employment, and information and communication services. Responses are also welcome from broader industry andcommunity groups, other Australian and state/territory departments, and the general public.

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