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‘Designing in’ – media and communications for low carbon home renovation

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This is a report of a project which aimed to design, develop and assess innovative media and communication strategies to drive mainstream adoption of low carbon products and practices as an integral part of renovation projects, enabling decarbonisation of the existing residential building stock. The focus on media and communications is a means of incorporating low carbon strategies in mainstream renovations rather than being a niche ‘green’ market.

This is the third report of a project which aims to explore the role and capacity of media to influence home renovation practices in established homes to produce more energy efficient outcomes and contribute to reducing Australia’s carbon emissions. Prior reports have focused largely on the outcomes of the social and media research components of the project.

Building on this prior work, this report focuses on the outcome of design interventions to develop media and communication strategies that can be effective in promoting low carbon renovation practices. It is based on co-design workshops conducted through 2016-2017 during which we explored the current and future capacity of digital tools to influence the home renovation decision process. In what follows, we provide theoretical justification and methodological rationale for the approach taken and illustrate with evidence. Where possible in this report we include weblinks to sources and images of the process. In particular there is a live link to the final prototyped website.


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