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The Northern Territory is a truly spectacular place to live, work, play and visit. It is a Territory full of opportunity for our young, enterprising and focussed population. A population that is blessed to live in an environment where some of the world’s most remarkable natural attractions and breathtaking landscapes are on the doorstep of our thriving population centres and economies.

Over time our population will grow, especially as we are joined by migrants from interstate and around the world that are attracted to our enviable lifestyle and economic opportunity.

The vision contained in this document outlines what our cities, towns and regions must consider to ensure this future growth builds vibrant communities, protecting what Territorians love most, our lifestyle and unique character.

This document will support and guide future development as set out in the Northern Territory Economic Development Framework and 10 Year Infrastructure Strategy. Government is working to provide the certainty that business and industry require to plan for future growth.

Territorians can be confident that our roads, education, health, essential services and community infrastructure will keep pace with a growing population.

Our shared vision in this document aims to harmonise land use planning with the Government’s overall strategy for developing the Northern Territory. Strategic land-use planning plays a central role in managing sustainable and orderly growth. It harnesses economic opportunities and establishes the location and scale of future infrastructure requirements to support communities.

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