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Literature review

Family Support Program literature review

Research into the Family Support Program: family law services
Child welfare Family Court Family services Procedural justice Courts Australia

The objectives of this literature review (this Review) are to identify existing information regarding Family Support Program (FSP) family law services and related programs; and to identify material in respect of best practices in service delivery and performance measurement in these areas. This Review reports on existing understandings in the literature, about the effectiveness of government-run FSP family law services.

The FSP consists of a range of services that provide preventative and early intervention services designed to help and support families. The objectives of the program are to ‘provide integrated services for families, particularly vulnerable and disadvantaged families, to improve child wellbeing and development, safety and family functioning.’

The FSP has two main streams of activity:

  • the Family and Children's Services stream — designed to improve family functioning, safety and child wellbeing and development, with a particular focus on vulnerable and disadvantaged families; and
  • the Family Law Services stream — designed to provide alternatives to formal legal processes for families who are separated, separating or in dispute.
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