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In the past two decades, Vietnam has been experiencing rapid economic growth, with GDP growing by 6.8 percent in 2017. Economic growth has resulted in significant improvement in the quality of the people’s lives and poverty reduction. In 2015, Vietnam became a net energy importer with an import share of energy at 5%, which is expected to grow. By 2035, total final energy demand is estimated to increase by 2.5 times from the level of 54 Mtoe in 2015.

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) launched its green-building certification program EDGE in Vietnam in 2015. EDGE aims to help developers reduce their buildings’ energy and water consumption by 20 percent while lowering greenhouse-gas emissions. IFC as well as the Danish government are promoting training on building code implementation, while the Vietnam Green Building Council are taking steps to move beyond the building code and to promote high energy performing buildings (30-50% more efficient than the current Code) throughout Vietnam.

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