Abuse of older people: a community response - final report

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The community sector has come together to devise strategies to address and eradicate the abuse of older people. This report is the product of their views and should be seen as advice and recommendations to the Australian government and all state and territory governments.

The report is the culmination of six months consultation and discussion with key community advocates, consumers, leaders and service providers throughout Australia as well as feedback from the recent 5th Elder Abuse Conference held in Sydney. This report makes eight key recommendations. It also provides:

  • informant views of the current situation in Australia in relation to the abuse of older people;
  • feedback on the recent Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) Report;
  • advice on the purpose, underpinning principles and frameworks for a National Plan to address the abuse of older people; and
  • suggested priorities and strategies for the National Plan.

The informants report there is good work materialising in Australia, which addresses elder abuse, but this work is often dispersed and disconnected from any nationally agreed solutions. The paper also itemises several areas where informants believe that progress to address the abuse of older people is not going well. Informants all agree on the importance of having responses and services that are targeted and relevant for the many diverse communities within Australia.

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