Case study

Real-world application of the CRCWSC’s research, highlighting that the transition to a water sensitive community can lead to genuine innovation if local citizens are engaged as partners in the process.

Elwood has a history of water management issues related to flooding and water quality, and is home to an active engaged community that feels a strong connection to their local area. Twenty-four local residents participated in research discussions to develop a citizen-led vision of a future water sensitive Elwood: a suburb celebrating, rather than resisting, its natural water presence, able to adapt to rising waters, and enjoying its thriving biodiversity. The locals then identified the changes necessary to achieve their vision.

The approach used in this project is known as ‘transition management’. It aims to bring stakeholders together to generate a shared understanding and motivation for enabling transitional change, develop a common vision to guide action, and identify pathways for change that offer a roadmap for navigating change processes.

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